The Countdown to Tokyo 2020 Begins Now!

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The road to the Olympics is a long and arduous one for an elite athlete that involves the highest level of commitment and dedication to training and competition.  However, I will not be able to pursue my Olympic dream without monetary support.  That is why I am reaching out to you - my friends, family, and followers.  You are the ones that will be able to make my dream a reality!  If you are able to support me on my Olympic quest, I would ask you to donate whatever you can to my campaign.  Just click the donate button to make a Paypal donation.  Any amount would be appreciated and will get me one step closer to Tokyo.  Please donate today, right now!  Help me make this dream come true!


Thank you to everyone that gave me feedback on the beta-launch of my new website!
As you can see, I have a new domain address - you've made it here so bookmark it now!

I'll be posting here, as well as on Google+ and Facebook so you can follow me on my quest to competing at the next Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020!

The Lion is on the prowl and ready to take on the world! 


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