My name is Adam Tomlinson and I am on a Quest to the 2020 Olympic Games.  Thanks for checking out my website!

Here's a little bit about me: 
  • Canadian Elite Black Belt TaeKwonDo Competitor 
  • 3X Canadian TaeKwonDo Champion
  • 1X Pan-American Champion
  • Silver Medal Commonwealth Games 
  • Instructor at A.T. Martial Arts
  • E-Camp Mentor
  • BBPA Mentor and Mentee
  • University Graduate in B. A. (Honours) Legal Studies and Political Science
  • Recipient of the Black Diamond Youth Inspiration Award 
I am looking for donors and sponsors who can help me to fulfill my dream of competing for Canada in the 2020 Olympic Games.  

If you would like to speak with me about donations, media, corporate sponsorship, or TaeKwonDo presentations, please contact me at this email address or via the contact form in the drop down menu.

Email: adamtomlinson324@hotmail.com

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